Learning to sleep like learning to walk

Quebec City, QC, Canada
Evelyne Touchette’s first goal is to dispel the myths surrounding infant sleep and to guide parents towards winning behaviours that promote good sleep quality, both for their child and for themselves.

To Not Doze Off

Montreal, QC, Canada
If you think that adolescence rhymes with baby sleep, think again: when it comes to rest, young people face particular obstacles. To help them avoid these pitfalls, Mathieu Pilon wants to discuss sleep with them, thanks to the DIALOGUE program – awarded only to 6 winners.


Montreal, QC, Canada
Since 2016, we have been diving into science with you. Our services guarantee you time savings and productivity as well as peace of mind in the face of information overload (infobesity) and misinformation.

Association franco-culturelle de Yellowknife

Yellowknife, NT, Canada
Since 1985, the Association franco-culturelle de Yellowknife has proudly borne its title of ambassador of Francophone culture in the city of Yellowknife. Its main mandate is to promote, support and encourage the development of the Francophone community of Yellowknife as well as arts and culture from a perspective of sustainable development.

SCV Agrologie (FR)

Pont-Rouge, QC, Canada
Louis Pérusse is a passionate agronomist specializing in the agroecological approach in Quebec.


Montreal, QC, Canada
From 2017 to 2020, we developed collaboration and exchange technology in the field of autism. When the coronavirus hit Canada in early 2020, we decided to tackle it by making our technology available to everyone.

Myelin Solutions

Montreal, QC, Canada
Combining all forms of knowledge to give everyone the power to understand decide and act.


Montreal, QC, Canada
Sharing knowledge to bridge the gap between science, practice and each person’s individual experiences.

Hoodoo Adventures

Penticton, BC, Canada
Founded in 2007, Hoodoo Adventures aims to provide quality outdoor adventures and team events that truly highlight the best the Okanagan has to offer.